Thursday, 16 September 2010


Mrs Beryl Markham, the British airwoman who was slightly injured in a forced landing in Germany on Thursday, returned to Heston Aerodrome yesterday. She flew back in a small plane none the worse for her experience. Mrs Markham is the wife of Mansfield Markham, second son of the late Sir Arthur Markham, the millionaire colliery owner. Sir Charles Markham is her brother-in-law. In May last she landed at Heston Aerodrome and surprised everyone by stating that she had flown alone from Nairobi (Kenya)

This was taken from a newspaper article in the Guardian dated August 13, 1932

On April 24, 1932 she departed Nairobi crossing the desert and the sea, navigating by sight and with no radio equipment on board, stopping along the way for engine repairs, to her unexpected arrival at Heston Aerodrome on May 17!!  I am trying to determine where she crashed in Germany. Still amazes me that she covered all this distance and she is not recognised for this either.

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