Saturday, 28 August 2010


On the 7 September 2010 I will be doing a radio interview on BBC Radio Oxford at 14H00 GMT

I will be interviewed by Jo Thoenis (prounced Toonis) and  will be talking about Beryl Markham and her historical Atlantic crossing.

Make sure you join us online.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Today I have been doing research on Berly Markham and it has been absolutely wonderful. Going from one research webpage to the next on the net, just fascinates me at the amount of knowledge that you can draw from discovering information . I started this morning and before I know it, time has flown away with me and it is is early evening now.

The reason I am doing this research is to put together a truthful event of what happened to Beryl Markham and to rectify the myths that surrounded her. On the 3 of September 2010, I will be giving a talk on Beryl at the Abingdon Rotary Club, this talk will coincide with the first successful solo crossing she made across the Atlantic on the 4 September 1936 at 06H50 and  crash landing in Nova Scotia. Keeping in mind Beryl made this crossing from east to west against the prevailing winds. She was an awesome woman!!..... I take my hat off to her.